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 Moving Around HoWling WHispers

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PostSubject: Moving Around HoWling WHispers   Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:46 am

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Rules and Questions: This is where you are. Please read the Rules and sign it. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, please post them here!
Site Update!: This is where the site updates for the forum will go. It explains those new things you see on the forum and don't understand. It helps if you check it out frequently. Smile
Introductions:Where you introduce yourselves! Check out some people's introductions as well, you might find a new friend!
Advertising: Are you good at making banners? Want to recruit more people to this (awesome) forum? Then check this place out!

Members Only:

Roleplays: Still under construction Smile
Contests: Still under construction Smile
Writer's Corner: Accessible only to members, post your original prose, poems or fan fictions here!
Exhibit Art: Accessible only to members, post your art here! From photography to sketches!

Everything Else:

Manga and Anime: Talk about anything manga and anime
Language Suite: If you know another language and can teach it, then be a teacher!
Pointless Chatter: Post everything else here to earn more Tickets and/or Rep!
Music: Post anything music related!
Homework Help and Advice: If you have any homework that you need help with (and no, don't ask people to do essays) go here Smile Or if you just need advice for anything Smile
Lifestyle: From Life Issues to Fashion and Food, talk about them here!
Jokes: Make us laugh and post funny things Very Happy

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Forum: Where you can post stuff
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FAQ: You might want to check this out if you have any questions, before you ask in the Rules and Questions forum
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Groups: Here's where you can see various groups
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PM (Private Message): Where you can see your inbox or compose new messages privately
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The scroll-y thing: Announcements or Reminders. You should read it. Very Happy

((We will add more as new forums are created))

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Moving Around HoWling WHispers
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